12 Important Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

12 Important Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

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Are you looking for the best apps you should have on your phone? Check out this article for 12 important apps you should have on your phone.

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A phone without cool and important apps is just like an empty refrigerator. You have an amazing phone with a killer camera, long-lasting battery, and a very fast processing power but nothing to actually use the phone for.

There are a lot of apps out there and it’s difficult to find the most important ones so in this article, I’ll be listing out 12 most important apps you should have on your phone.

Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Facebook & Messenger

Facebook & Messenger

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and it comes with 2 nice and decent apps available for download.

 Keep up with your friends and family, meet new people, stay in contact with old people, and enter into instant chats with them.

Facebook and Messenger has got it all. Games, online dating, shopping and so much more.

Plus, your personal information is kept private and secure.

Alternative: Facebook Lite & Messenger Lite

WhatsApp Messenger


As far as messaging apps go, WhatsApp is still one of the best and on top of that, it’s free.

It allows instant messaging, send pictures, videos, voice notes, documents and even share contacts with your friends and family. It also allows voice and video calls.

Secures end-to-end encryption which means it’s well protected and has a nice and super friendly interface.

Alternative: FMWhatsApp

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Twitter, the birthplace of “Hashtag”. The place where things seem to happen instantly.

If you want to be on top and known, Twitter is where you should be.

Follow your favorite celebrities, content creators, actors, artists, and role models. It also gives room for messaging with friends.

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Alternative: Twitter Lite



YouTube is one of the best search engine which makes it one of the best apps there is.

It offers a wide range of knowledge and information in video form all at your fingertips.

YouTube is also one of the best advertising platform. A place to share your skills and earn from it.

Alternative: FlyTube

Opera News

Opera News

If you are a type of person that loves to stay informed of things around you and when it comes to arguing on the latest new, you have a knack for it, then Opera News is the place to get it.

Stay informed with the latest news about anything and everything with push notifications.

It also gives room for content writing and earning from it with Opera News Hub.

Alternative: Opera News Lite and MORE

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS is a cool office app for opening and/or editing any form of document. It could be PDF files or Docx. And is also compatible with all Microsoft Office apps.

This is a great app for writing documents for any and all occasions.

It’s like having a small office right in your phone with cloud storage.

Alternative: Microsoft Office



Evernote is not just like your everyday notepad.

It’s also a list keeper, note taker, voice recorder, to-do list manager, webpage clipper and a digital multi-tool. This app has virtually everything you need.

It also comes with a handwriting feature.

Alternative: Microsoft OneNote

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VLC is one of the best and most popular video playing app.

Watch as much videos as you want in any format. Download subtitle to any movie.

VLC also has a very good interface which is easy to use and also comes with TV view which is highly customizable.

Alternative: MX Player



For those who can read a 100 page book and get to half () of another in a day, tell amazing stories and write just as amazing, this is for you.

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Wattpad is one of the most loved social storytelling platform. It connects millions of readers and writers all over the globe through the power of story.

It also helps when boredom is over whelming you. There is also room to write great stories and earn from them.

Alternative: Goodreads


Alarmy App

You know that moment when you set an alarm and then you wake up 2 hours after the alarm had gone off, well sleep no more.

Alarmy is dubbed as the most annoying alarm app ever but gets the job done.

It has a unique way of helping you break out of your sleep by laying out puzzles to solve before dismissing the alarm.

It could be to take a picture of a particular place already stored in the app or to solve series of basic math problems.

If this app doesn’t get you off bed, I don’t know what will.



If you don’t have this app on your phone, you are going to miss out on a lot f things.

Xender is by far the best file transferring app ever made. The age of Flashare and Bluetooth transfer is long gone.

You can transfer anything with any size as long as it’s on your phone. It saves having to use USB/Data connection to share and receive things.

It also comes with a feature to use Xender on PC.

And those are 12 most important apps you should have on your phone

We hoped this article helped you decide on the best apps you should have.

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