How to Easily Get Google Alerts of Anything Anytime

How to Easily Get Google Alerts of Anything Anytime

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Do you want to get google alerts of anything mentioned anywhere on the web at anytime easily? Check out this simple guide on how to easily do it.

google alerts

Google Alerts is a tracking tool developed by Google that sends you instant notifications through email of any keyword or phrase you want to track.

It’s a free service that’s excellent for monitoring events around your area and also to monitor what’s being said about your brand.

I’m sure most of you are wondering how many alerts can you set up cause you probably have a lot in your head right now.

Well, you can set up to 1,000 alerts per Gmail account. That means that for every Gmail account you have, you can set up to 1,000 alerts.

And if you’re wondering if you can set up Google Alerts without Gmail, then sadly that’s not possible anymore.

But creating a Gmail account is very simple and it’s free of cost. You can check out our simple guide on how to create a Gmail account easily, either for you personally or for your business.

With that, let’s see how easy it is to set up Google Alerts.

How to Set Up Google Alerts

Follow the easy steps below and you will be a master at setting up google alerts. You will be able to monitor your business, events and even your name online.

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Google Alerts Website

First, you need to head over to Google Alerts Site where you will be able to set up various alerts and monitor things around.

google alerts website

If you are on a browser where you are already logged in to your Gmail account, then you should already be logged in to Google alerts automatically but if otherwise, then click the button at the top right corner that says “Sign in” to log in.

Input Search Term

Google alerts list

After successfully logging into your Gmail account, now it’s time to set up our alert.

If you have already set up Google alerts without knowing, then your search terms should appear immediately you login to your Gmail account. But if you haven’t set up any alerts, then let’s set one up now.

Input whatever you want to set an alert for into the search box. While typing your search term, Google shows you a preview of how it looks when searching the web for your search term.

google alerts preview

If you want the result to show an exact match of your search term, then add quotes to your search like this.

“WikiDevices” or “Google Updates”.

This will show you an exact match of your term in the results. Then click on the create alert button.

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Customize Search

You can also customize your search to fit the way you want it to be searched. Just hit the pen button beside the search term to customize your search term.

customize google alerts
  • How Often: How often should the internet be searched and delivered to you when a new result is found.
  • Sources: From which source should it be searched from. Could be from blogs, news, books, or videos.
  • Language: Which language should the search term be searched in.
  • Region: The particular region your search term should be searched.
  • How many: How many results should be delivered to your Gmail account. All or the most important.
  • Deliver to: The Gmail account the results should be delivered to. This is automatically your Gmail account.
google alerts options

And that’s the simple way on how to set up Google alerts easily.

We hope this article helped you get google alerts of anything mentioned anywhere on the internet.

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