How To Perfectly Secure Your Facebook Account Easily

How To Perfectly Secure Your Facebook Account Easily

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Do you want to secure your Facebook account and protect it from an outside breach? Check out this simple guide on how to easily secure your account.

secure your facebook account

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and having your account secure is the most important thing everyone should do immediately you create your account.

It could be a simple joke from your friends or a real threat to your account, either way, you have to secure your account.

So in this article, I’ll be explaining how to secure your Facebook account easily.

Secure Your Facebook Account

Facebook has provided a way for us to protect our account from a breach and is also really simple. All you need is a functioning mobile number.

Two-Factor Authentication

Simply put, this is a protective feature that prevents anyone from logging into your account without a special verification code which will be sent to your mobile number or your Gmail account.

This feature is in all accounts and is just waiting for us to activate it.

Facebook Hamburger icon

For this guide, we’ll be using the Facebook app on android but it’s exactly the same method for the Facebook website.

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To begin, head over to the Facebook app and click on the hamburger icon at the top-right of the tabs.

Settings & Privacy

Settings and privacy

This should open a drop-down of menus to choose from. Then we select the Settings & Privacy tab.



Selecting the Settings & Privacy tab should also open a drop-down menu. We then select the settings menu from the options.

Security and Login

Security and login

Selecting this should open a new page of options to select from. We search for the Security section and select Security and Login.

That should also open another page of options. Select “Use two-factor authentication” from the Two-factor authentication section.

Two factor authentication

This then opens a new page, taking us to where to set up the authentication process.

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If Facebook detects an attempted login from a device it doesn’t recognize, Facebook asks for a password and a security code that will be sent to the account user’s number.

Authentication settings

Facebook gives us to options to choose from

  • Using an Authentication App like Google authenticator or Duo mobile. This feature requires you to scan a baroque code or paste a code to the chosen app.
  • Using the Text Message Method: This feature sends the code to a selected mobile number.
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For this guide, we will be selecting the Text Message Method.

After selecting this option, you will be asked to select a phone number or input another phone number where the code will be sent to.

After inputting a phone number, hit the continue button.

Then a 6-digit code will be sent to the phone number you inputted. You will be asked to enter the code.

Authentication code

After entering the code which was sent to your number, the two-factor authentication has been successfully activated.

You will then be asked to provide a code that will be sent to your phone number each time you need to login from where you haven’t logged into before.

And that’s how to secure your Facebook account perfectly.

We hoped this article helped you easily and perfectly secure your Facebook account.

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