The Best Way To Post On Instagram Using PC Easily

The Best Way To Post On Instagram Using PC Easily

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Have you ever wanted to post pictures or videos on Instagram using your PC? Well, check out our simplified guide on the best way on how to easily post on Instagram using PC.

post on Instagram using PC

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms online which is based on images and pictures and having lots of followers. It is owned by Facebook which gives room for integration to Facebook accounts and also WhatsApp.

Now, you just took a nice picture of yourself or the product you sell and edited it on your PC. Then you wanted to post them on your social media accounts which includes Instagram.

The problem is, the official Instagram website doesn’t give room for creating a post yet which I hope they will soon. You then have to transfer the pictures to your phone before posting.

Well, I feel your pain so today, I’m going to be giving you the best way that you can easily post on Instagram using your PC.

How To Post On Instagram Using PC

So to do this is actually quite easy. All you’ll need on your PC is a Chrome Extension but you’ll also need to be using the Chrome browser.

Chrome web store search instagram

Now, head over to the Chrome Store and search for “Instagram“.

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There are a lot of Instagram Chrome Extensions but what we’ll be using is the App for Instagram with DM.

App for Instagram with DM is the best Instagram Chrome Extension that tweaks the PC Instagram to look exactly like that of an android phone which allows for every feature that is available on the mobile phone.

App for Instagram with DM add to Chrome

Now, go ahead and add the extension to your chrome browser. After clicking on the button, it will then download the extension file to your PC. Then a prompt will appear at the top of the screen asking to install the extension to your Chrome browser.

Once the Chrome Extension is added, you can see it in the extensions panel at the top right of your Chrome browser.

Pin Chrome Extension

Click on the puzzle piece icon to show your extensions and then, you can pin them for easy access.

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Now, you should see the newly added Instagram Chrome Extension. Click on it to open Instagram in a new mobile-sized window which will prompt you to continue and login to your Instagram account.

Launch App for instagram on PC

Then you can do all the things you would normally do on your phone easily like posting pictures and videos, liking and following our brand, KhemmiesKitchen, sending direct messages, editing your profile, blocking people and so much more.

And that’s the best way to post on Instagram using PC.

Use instagram on PC

We hope this article helped you post anything on Instagram and also more Instagram features.

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