How to Sign in With Fingerprint to Your Gmail Account Easily

How to Sign in With Fingerprint to Your Gmail Account Easily

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Do you want to sign in with fingerprint into your Gmail account easily and without any password? Check out this simple self-explanatory guide to see how to set it up.

sign in with fingerprint to gmail account

It’s a pain to some people when you have to enter your Gmail password every time you want to log in to your account or a site that has a Gmail option.

Well, you don’t have to cause Google has a very nice feature that makes it easy to sign in to your Gmail account without a password but instead, you sign in using your screen lock which in this case is your fingerprint.

Note: If your phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, you won’t get the feature that lets you sign in with fingerprint but you will use your normal password, pin, or pattern to sign in.

Well then, let’s get to setting this awesome feature up. And if also see our extensive guide on how to create a Gmail account specifically for your business easily.

How To Sign In With Fingerprint To Gmail Account

Hamburger icon

To begin setting this up, first head over to your Gmail either on the mobile app or on a PC but for this guide, I’ll be using the mobile app.

Head over to the mobile app with your Gmail already logged in. Then click on the hamburger icon at the top left of the screen.

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Gmail settings

Then scroll down and select the settings option.

This will then display a list of Gmail account present in your phone. Select the account you want to set up the fingerprint for and then select Manage your Google Account.

Manage Gmail account

This will open a page where you can set up various features and settings for your Gmail. Settings like personal info, security info, business features, and other settings.

Now, swipe over to the security tab. There, you will see security settings and one of those settings is the setting for signing into your account.

Security tab

Select the option that says “Use your phone to sign in”. This is the feature that enables you to sign in with your screen lock.

Instead of typing your password each time that you sign in, you get a prompt from Google on your phone which enables you to sign in with your screen lock. You can still use your password anytime.

Set up

You will then be asked to login with your Email address and your password.

Then you will need to fulfill three (3) tasks. Most of them would have already been done but if not, you have to fulfill them.

  • Your Phone: Select your phone.
  • Screen Lock: Your phone should have a screen lock.
  • Recovery Phone: Your account must have a recovery phone number for emergency cases.
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3 steps

Once those tasks are fulfilled, you are good to go. Click on the next button to proceed.

Then, you will be shown how the prompt will look like. Like a test to see how it works.


Input your Gmail account in the input box and click next.

A prompt notifications will then be sent to your phone in the notification bar.

Test notification

Trying to sign in?

Click on the notification and confirm to use your screen lock. Then your screen lock will appear for you to unlock either with fingerprint or any other password or pin.

Turn on

If it worked like it should, then click on the turn on button to activate.

And that’s how to sign in with fingerprint to your Gmail account easily.

We hoped this article helped you sign in with fingerprint instead of a password to your Gmail account.

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