How To Split Your Screen On Android Easily

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Do you want to split your screen on your android phone and multi-task? Check out this simple guide on easy ways you can do it.

split your screen

Lots of android users want to be able to multi-task and do two things at the same time without having to go through the stress of moving from one app to the other every time. Some don’t even know it can be done.

Well, you can cause here are easy ways on how to split your screen on android.

What is Split Screen

Split screen on android

Split-screen also called multi-window is a feature that divides your phone’s screen into two. It allows you to use two apps at the same time.

It could be watching a movie and chatting with your friends or just to copy and paste from one place to another.

Important Note

Not all apps can use this feature. Apps like Messenger cannot use the split screen feature so don’t be disappointed if an app doesn’t work with this feature.

To know if an app doesn’t use split-screen, when trying the steps below, it should be stated below, “This app cannot use split screen/multi-window

Also, this feature starts from Android 7 upwards.

How to Split Your Screen on Android

First, you must have opened at least two (2) apps already.

Minimize or recents key

Then you hit the recent/minimize key at the bottom of your phone to show all recent apps opened.

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And then, hold on the app you want to be at the top of the phone and simply drag the app to the top area of your phone.

Split screen drag to top

This should shrink the app to fit half of the screen at the top leaving the other apps at the bottom of the screen.

Then you simply select from the apps left at the bottom which will then shrink to occupy the bottom half of the screen.

Select bottom split screen

And that’s how to easily split your screen on your android phone.


There is also another way to split your screen but it’s more or less the same as the first.

Hold minimize or recents key

For this method, while in an app, let’s say VLC/MX Player, unlike the first method, we won’t be hitting the recent/minimize key but rather, we would be holding on the key.

Complete bottom half split screen

This will instantly shrink the current app you are in to fit the upper half of the screen leaving the other apps at the bottom.

Then you can select from the other apps to occupy the bottom half.

Split Key

Also, on some phones like Samsung phones, after clicking the recent/minimize key, a two (2) layered hamburger icon should be shown at the top right of the recent apps.

Split key

Clicking this should instantly shrink the app to fit the top area of your phone. Then you simply select from the other apps left to fit the bottom half.


After splitting your screen, you can also resize the apps, making one bigger than the other.

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Split screen resize

When in split-screen mode, there will be a divider line at the center of the two (2) apps separating them. Simply slide the line either to the top or to the bottom to resize the apps the way you want them to appear.

And that’s how to split your screen on your android phone easily.

We hoped this article helped you easily split your android screen and multi-task easily.

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