Before Getting A New Phone, Know These 7 Things

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Do you want to know what to look for when getting a new phone? Well, check this article out for 7 important things you need to know when getting a new phone.

new phone

Getting a new phone gets people excited. We just can’t wait to get our hands on it but at the same time, we also get really confused in which phone to get.

Do I want a phone that has a long-lasting battery or a killer camera or probably just a phone that’s really long?

It’s important to check the specifications of a phone before considering it. There are a lot of phones out there with different specifications. In this article, I’ve narrowed it down to 7 important things to consider when getting a new phone.

But before we move ahead, you have to know yourself and your interests. You could be a picture addict and you love taking lots of amazing pictures each day.

You could also be a gamer or a YouTuber. It’s important to know what you are interested in and get something that’s suitable for your interests.

Now, 7 important things to consider when getting a new phone.

Phone Memory

Phone memory

I know people expected something like camera or speed but that’s not necessarily the case. What’s the use of having an awesome camera but not enough space to accompany it?

 You could be a business person who needs lots of memory to store documents or a gamer to store his/her games and a phone with a good memory will definitely be a fast phone.

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My recommendation is to get a phone with at least 32GB RAM space and that can go as high as 256GB RAM.

16GB RAM is also good for an average phone user.

Phone Battery

phone battery

Having a phone with a long lasting battery is like being the king of the world. Seeing others with their phones virtually almost dead and yours hasn’t even gotten to half its capacity.

A good battery means time to do a lot of things on your phone and not having to worry about getting it charged.

Some phones with long lasting battery also take a longer time to get charged but it’s worth the wait if it means you get to enjoy using your phone for a long time.

As far as battery capacities go, I’ll recommend a phone with at least 4000mAh and can go as high as 6000mAh.

Processor (Speed)


The speed of a phone is necessary to all types of phone users but most especially gamers.

But things get confusing when we see stuffs like Quard-Core, Octa-Core or Snapdragon.

All those mentioned above are all good processors and a highly recommended but which is the best. There is a shortcut to knowing which is better is the amount of GHz (Giga-Hertz)

A higher Giga-Hertz value means a faster processor.

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Phone Camera

phone camera

A good camera will always get attention and respect wherever you take it to.

It also helps in taking great pictures, images of documents and even scenes in the case or a reporter or just a naturally skilled photographer.

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Latest phones have more than 2 cameras in the rear side and 2 at most at the front with different MP (Megapixels).

A recommended camera pixel is 10MP upwards for the rear camera and 6MP for the front camera.

Phone Display

new phone display

If you are a gamer, photographer or a movie freak, then the display of a phone is very important.

The display of a phone means its size (length and width) and also means the way things look on the phone. The quality of the image or video.

But if an image isn’t great normally, that doesn’t mean the phone will change the way it looks.

The recommendation for a good phone display is 5.5 to 6 inches HD and Full HD or QHD.



Also, what you have to consider personally is the price of the phone.

You might want to spend all of your salary or savings on a particular phone but ask yourself this, is it worth it?

You have to be sure that when you eventually get this phone, the money spent on it didn’t just go in vain but is getting you a very nice phone.


new phone box content

Another thing that people consider is also the box content.

Various brands of phone have different box content that come with it. They all come with chargers but some come with a very good earpiece while some come with screen protector and phone case.

And those are 7 important things to consider when getting a new phone.

We hoped this article helped you decide on the best phone for you.

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